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   Potpourri - Scent Infused Botanicals... Decorative Home Fragrance

Potpourri - Fresh Cotton

Our pine scented potpourri was immersed in selected botanicals over long periods (several weeks to months) to truly capture the desired scent. Botanicals are selected for their ability to absorb fragrance and for their organic appeal that fits any decor. Our unique linen scent is a welcome fragrance.

The set include:
1 Box Scented Botanicals, and .25 oz bottle of fragrance to refresh later. $16.00

Potpourri - Fresh Cotton

To Use:
Display in open bowl or container. Place in areas where scent and
visual appeal can create an inviting ambiance.

To Refresh: toss potpourri botanicals every few weeks.
The scents can last over four months.

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